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Perl Question

Find files matching pattern in the file array

I have code in perl as below. Trying pick files which matches the pattern.

opendir ERR_STAGING_DIR, "$ERR_STAGING" or die "$PID: Cannot open directory $ERR_STAGING";
@allfiles = grep !/^$ERR_STAGING\/\./, map "$ERR_STAGING/$_", readdir(ERR_STAGING_DIR);


$ERR_FILETYPE =~ s/\./\\\./g;
$ERR_FILETYPE =~ s/\*/\*/g;

@file_type = grep /^$ERR_STAGING/./$ERR_FILETYPE$/, @allfiles;
$numelements = @file_type;
if ($numelements <= 0) {
print LOG "$PID: No files match specified pattern, exiting.\n";
&HandlerDie($NO_FILE_TYPE, $current_poid);

Here is what I'm doing above. Grep all files from ERR_STAGING directory. grep files matching pattern
and do something with the file. However the above code is returning files which doesn't match pattern too, it also pickup some temp directories.

Answer Source

Correct two rows:

$ERR_FILETYPE =~ s/\*/.\*/g;                      # Add DOT

@file_type = grep /\/$ERR_FILETYPE$/, @allfiles;  # such a filter is sufficient  
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