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FPDF Get page numbers at footer on Every A4 size page

I am creating PDF reports using FPDF. Now how do I generate page numbers on each page of a report at the bottom of the page.
Below is the sample code for generating a 2 page PDF.


$pdf = new FPDF();

$current_y = $pdf->GetY();
$current_x = $pdf->GetX();

$cell_width = 25; $cell_height=14;
$j = 20; // This value will be coming from Database so we dont know how many pages the report is going to be
for ($i = 0; $i<$j ; $i++){



Note : The $j value will be coming from the database so we don't know how many pages is the report going to be.


To add an A4 page, with portrait orientation, do:


Create a new class which extends the FPDF class, and override the pre-defined Footer method.


class PDF extends FPDF
    function Footer()
        // Go to 1.5 cm from bottom
        // Select Arial italic 8
        // Print centered page number
        $this->Cell(0,10,'Page '.$this->PageNo(),0,0,'C');