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C++ Question

Convert Eigen Matrix to C array

The Eigen library can map existing memory into Eigen matrices.

float array[3];
Map<Vector3f>(array, 3).fill(10);
int data[4] = 1, 2, 3, 4;
Matrix2i mat2x2(data);
MatrixXi mat2x2 = Map<Matrix2i>(data);
MatrixXi mat2x2 = Map<MatrixXi>(data, 2, 2);

My question is, how can we get c array (e.g. float[] a) from eigen matrix (e.g. Matrix3f m)? What it the real layout of eigen matrix? Is the real data stored as in normal c array?

Answer Source

You can use the data() member function of the Eigen Matrix class. The layout by default is column-major, not row-major as a multidimensional C array (the layout can be chosen when creating a Matrix object). For sparse matrices the preceding sentence obviously doesn't apply.

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