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CSS Question

Rounded corners on a fieldset

I noticed that the "fieldset" tag renders a rounded corner border on IE (it renders squared on the other browsers).

<legend>My legend</legend>

BUT if i set a CSS style on the fieldset, the rounded corners disappear!!

Anybody know why?
How to keep the rounded corners but with another border color?

[EDIT] : sorry for the confusion, i don't ask how to have rounder corners on firefox/other browsers, i want to know how to keep the rounder corners on IE and have another border color (border-color:red; on the fieldset changes the rounds to squares...).

Answer Source

Some items (buttons, input boxes) are using the system visual styles by default - and in the default Windows XP/Vista themes, fieldsets have rounded corners. (Take a look at Display Properties, for example.)

If you assign any style to an <input />, for example, it will lose its hover effects, gradients and other things too.

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