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Angular - When Background/Area outside a div tapped

I've been reading around and can't find an answer to something i would thought be obvious.

I have a menu button that shows/hides a small div pane containing 2 buttons. I'm using

ng-click="main.showLogoutDiv = !main.showLogoutDiv"
to toggle between the 2 states.

However I would also like it if the anywhere outside that div was clicked I can toggle that boolean

Is there something in Angular that lets me check for this?


(btw - i've made my own 'popup pane' - like this screenshot - as I couldn't find anything existing in Angular - have I missed something that comes out the box).

enter image description here


You're looking for the Angular click outside directive by Adam Jowett. You use it on an element like this:

<button id="my-button">Menu Trigger Button</button>
<div ng-controller="MenuController">
    <div class="menu" id="main-menu" click-outside="closeThis()" outside-if-not="my-button">

When a user clicks anywhere outside of that <div>, the closeThis() function in your controller will execute. But if the user clicks on the my-button element, that won't count as a click-outside. This lets you define elements that should be ignored.

Your click-outside function might have code like this:

function MenuController($scope) {
    $scope.closeThis = function () {
        showLogoutDiv = false;

Or you could keep things simpler by not using a scope function and just specifying the showLogoutDiv = false in your HTML using this form:

<div ng-controller="MenuController">
    <div class="menu" id="main-menu" click-outside="showLogoutDiv=false">