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Javascript Question

Check of specific radio button is checked

I'm having trouble after looking at the jQuery docs. I'm just trying to return true/false in one my my jquery methods depending on the check of a certain radiobutton and if it's selected or not

I've tried several things but have not been able to get this right:

<input type="radio" runat="server" name="testGroup" id="test1" /><label for="<%=test1.ClientID %>" style="cursor:hand" runat="server">Test1</label>
<input type="radio" runat="server" name="testGroup" id="test2" /><label for="<%=test2.ClientID %>" style="cursor:hand" runat="server">Test2</label>
<input type="radio" runat="server" name="testGroup" id="test3" /> <label for="<%=test3.ClientID %>" style="cursor:hand">Test3</label>

and in my method I have this:

return $("input[@name='test2']:checked");

I'm getting an undefined on



<input type="radio" runat="server" name="radioGroup" id="payPalRadioButton" value="paypalSelected" />

this returns 'undefined' still:


If I try this, I get 'false' even if I select the radio button:

$('input:radio[name=radioGroup]:checked').val() == 'paypalSelected'

Answer Source

Your selector won't select the input field, and if it did it would return a jQuery object. Try this:

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