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Python Question

python - elegant way to pick the highest weighted value in set

I have a list such that

l = ['xyz','abc','mnq','qpr']

These values are weighted such that

I have a pandas dataframe with a column that has sets of values.

0 set(['xyz', 'abc'])
1 set(['xyz'])
2 set(['mnq','qpr'])

Now, I want to pick the highest values in the sets such that after I apply the custom function I am left with

0 set(['xyz'])
1 set(['xyz'])
2 set(['mnq'])

Is there an elegant way to do this process without resorting to a dictionary of weights?

Answer Source

you can use pd.Categorical with the parameter ordered=True and set the categories=l[::-1] to get the order you'd like.

def max_cat(x):
    return set([pd.Categorical(x, l[::-1], True).max()])


0    {xyz}
1    {xyz}
2    {mnq}
Name: COL_NAME, dtype: object
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