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SQL Question

Transforming a table by the condition in one row

I have a table like this

Day Operation Times Condition
Monday addition 3 done
Monday subtraction 2 done
Monday subtraction 4 uncomplete
Tuesday multiplication 3 done
Tuesday addition 1 done
Tuesday addition 8 uncomplete
Wednesday subtraction 1 uncomplete

And I want to transform the Condition column in two distinct columns something like

Day Operation Done Uncomplete Total
Monday addition 3 0 3
Monday subtraction 2 4 6
Tuesday multiplication 3 0 3
Tuesday addition 1 8 9
Wednesday subtraction 0 1 1

Fusioning the Done and Uncomplete Operations in a single row

Is there a way to do it in SQL?

So far I have tried something like this Creating multiple columns from one column using case. I think than I may need to group it first by day, and then by Operation.

Answer Source

Considering the fact that you do this on Microsoft Access please refer to the following tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgerpTHzQes

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