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HTML Question

How to align 2 submit in half panel?

This is in php

<div class='pnl-aln' style='float:right'>
<div style:'float: left; width: 50%'>
<form action = 'Page1.php'>
<input type='submit' class='btn-scelta' value='ACA'>
<div style:'float: right; width: 50%'>
<form action = 'Page2.php'>
<input type='submit' class='btn-scelta' value='RUTA'>

While this is css

display: inline-block;
width: 50%;

margin-left: 2%;
font-family: url("");
font-size: 2vw;
border: solid 3px #000;
background: transparent;
color: #000;

transition: .5s;

Those two submit are putted in half panel, I've tried many tipes of code but no one was succesful
Please help me because I'm getting mad on this and is the end of my project :(

Answer Source

Panel style was mentioned float right , so the form resides on right half screen with 50% Few syntax errors in divs under panel for tag style:"float:right" which is wrong way and it should be style="float:right"

codepen - for reference

<div class='pnl-aln' style='float:right'>

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