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YAML Question

confused by YAML::NodeType::Undefined with yaml-cpp

I have a test yaml file that I am trying to parse using yaml-cpp.


# this points to additional config files to be parsed
required: "thing1.yaml"
optional: "thing2.yaml"
#some extraneous config information
foo: 42
bar: 394
baz: 8675309

I parse it I get
. And this is expected behavior.

Then, I try to parse the includes to get the required or optional values I can't iterate because
. I'm really new to yaml and to yaml-cpp so any help showing me where I am going wrong would be appreciated.

parsing code:

{includes and other such nonsense}
YAML::Node configRoot = YAML::LoadFile(path.c_str() );
if( configRoot.IsNull() )
SYSTEM_LOG_ERROR("Failed to load the config file: %s.",
return false;

YAML::Node includes = configRoot["includes"];
/* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
* I believe that here lies the issue as includes is undefined and
* therefore I cannot iterate over it.
for( auto it = include.begin(); it != include.end(); ++it )
// do some fantastically brilliant CS voodoo!
{ more C++ craziness to follow }

Answer Source

Well, your top-level YAML document does indeed not include a key named includes. It only contains a key named testConfig. You should access that first:

// ...
YAML::Node configRoot = YAML::LoadFile(path.c_str())["testConfig"];
// ...

Or, if you want to explicitly check if testConfig exists:

// ...
YAML::Node configRoot = YAML::LoadFile(path.c_str());
// do check her as in your code
YAML:Node testConfig = configRoot["testConfig"];
// check if testConfig is a mapping here
YAML::Node includes = testConfig["includes"];
// ...
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