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¿How do I get the start date and end date of the current week? (VB.NET)

I have a function that throws me the current week of the year where we are now, thanks to one of the answers in this forum .

Well, but now I need is that of the same week can get the initial date of that week and the final.

┬┐How could accomplish this?

Protected Friend Function obtenerNumeroSemanas(ByVal dt As DateTime)
Dim cal As Calendar = CultureInfo.InvariantCulture.Calendar
Dim d As DayOfWeek = cal.GetDayOfWeek(dt)
If (d >= DayOfWeek.Monday) AndAlso (d <= DayOfWeek.Wednesday) Then
dt = dt.AddDays(3)
End If
Return cal.GetWeekOfYear(dt, CalendarWeekRule.FirstFourDayWeek, DayOfWeek.Monday)
End Function

Answer Source
Dim dayOfWeek = Cint(DateTime.Today.DayOfWeek)
Dim startOfWeek = DateTime.Today.AddDays(-1 * dayOfWeek)
Dim endOfWeek = DateTime.Today.AddDays(7 - dayOfWeek).AddSeconds(-1)

Using today's date (2016-06-19) results in

2016-06-19 12:00:00 AM
2016-06-25 11:59:59 PM
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