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JSON Question

get index of json key using php

I want to find index of key from json array similar to this question Get index of a key in json
but i need the solution using php.

here is my json (partial data)

{"id":16447,"name":"Rahul Roy"},
{"id":12633,"name":"Sijal Thomas"},
{"id":16446,"name":"Mohammed Reza"},
{"id":16509,"name":"Asif Khan"},
{"id":12633,"name":"Koyel Dijesh"},


and php

foreach ($read_json->scorecards->batting->players as $batsmen => $val) {
if($val == 5) { // if batsman index is 5 then display his name
$name = $batsmen->name;

echo "<div>$name</div>\n";


Please help me to solve this issue.Thanks in advance.

Answer Source

I think this would suffice your requirement


Find the code sample below as well.

       $json  = '{"currentOver":{"events": []},"matchString":"","currentPlayer":5,"previousOvers":[],"innings":[],"scorecards":[{"batting":{"players":[{"id":16447,"name":"Rahul Roy"},{"id":12633,"name":"Sijal Thomas"},{"id":16446,"name":"Mohammed Reza"},{"id":16509,"name":"Asif Khan"},{"id":12633,"name":"Koyel Dijesh"},{"id":16468,"name":"Shahrook"},{"id":64691,"name":"Shafiq"},{"id":6518,"name":"Ubaidulah"}]}}]}';

       $arr = json_decode($json);

       echo '<pre>';

       $currentPlayer = $arr->currentPlayer;

       echo $arr->scorecards[0]->batting->players[$currentPlayer-1]->name; 
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