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TabLayout update tab content with a custom view

I'm using

of the new material design and i have a problem, i can't update tab content of a custom view once the tab is created:

I can simplify my method inside my PagerAdapter with

public View setTabView(int position, boolean selected) {
View v = LayoutInflater.from(context).inflate(R.layout.default_tab_view, null);
tv = (TextView) v.findViewById(;
return v;

And in activity i can simplify my code with:

TabLayout tabLayout = (TabLayout) findViewById(;
ViewPager pager = (ViewPager) findViewById(;
PagerAdapter adapter = new PagerAdapter(getSupportFragmentManager());
for (int i = 0; i < tabLayout.getTabCount(); i++) {
TabLayout.Tab tab = tabLayout.getTabAt(i);
View v;
if (i == 0) {
v = adapter.setTabView(i, true);
} else
v = adapter.setTabView(i, false);


tabLayout.setOnTabSelectedListener(new TabLayout.OnTabSelectedListener() {
public void onTabSelected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {
adapter.setTabView(tab.getPosition(), true);

public void onTabUnselected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {
adapter.setTabView(tab.getPosition(), false);

public void onTabReselected(TabLayout.Tab tab) {


The tabs' titles are set right when the app starts but when i change tab, the content still remains the same.

Answer Source

Ok I think it's bug on android design support library.

Because You are talking about the changes in content but I can't change the color of Text. Once the tab are created and if you change the layout it will not reflecting.

And As i have seen your code you are giving the custom layout using setCustomView. and for changing a text you are calling again the method setTabView(). Instead of that there should be method getCustomView() so that you can change the layout. There is a method in a TabLayout.Tab.getCustomView but it doesn't have identifier and I have report this bug.

[Update 08-07-2015]

Finally bug is accepted by android bug source traking and marked as Future Release . So we can say that bug will no more exist on future library. and we can have method getCustomView() so that we can easily get our custom view.

[Update 18-08-2015]

Finally the bug is resolved Released in the v23 support libs . Just update support library using SDK manager and you have getCustomView() as a public.

just change this line in gradle

compile ''

and make sure compile and target sdk set to 23.

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