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Javascript Question

Does node.js support the 'let' statement?

Does node.js support a let statement something like what's described on MDN??

var x = 8,
y = 12;

let ( x = 5, y = 10) {
return x + y;
} //15

If not, is there a way to duplicate the functionality with a self-executing anonymous function or something?

And/or is there another js environment that

  1. has
    and and

  2. has a REPL, as node does? Rhino?


This question was asked quite a while ago. As of now, late 2015, the answer is "Yes, yes it does". Harmony features were included by default in io.js 3.3, and have been recently brought back to node.js with the 4.x release.


I don’t think Node supports let, but you can do this:

var a = 5;

(function () {
  var a = 6;
  console.log(a); // => 6

console.log(a); // => 5