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JSON Question

Go json.Marshal(struct) returns "{}"

type TestObject struct {
kind string `json:"kind"`
id string `json:"id, omitempty"`
name string `json:"name"`
email string `json:"email"`

func TestCreateSingleItemResponse(t *testing.T) {
testObject := new(TestObject)
testObject.kind = "TestObject" = "f73h5jf8" = "Yuri Gagarin" = ""


b, err := json.Marshal(testObject)

if err != nil {


Here is the output:

[ `go test"^TestCreateSingleItemResponse$"` | done: 2.195666095s ]
{TestObject f73h5jf8 Yuri Gagarin}

Why is the JSON essentially empty?

Answer Source

You need to export the fields in TestObject by starting the name with an uppercase character.

type TestObject struct {
 Kind string `json:"kind"`
 ID   string `json:"id, omitempty"`
 Name  string `json:"name"`
 Email string `json:"email"`

The encoding/json package and similar packages ignore unexported fields.


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