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Python Question

Alphabetical pseudocode for Python

So I've written this code:

#input and output files
infile = open("unsorted_fruits.txt", "r")
outfile = open("sorted_fruits.txt","w")

#reading infile
Fruits =

#time to sort the fruit
Fruits = Fruits.split()

for fruit in Fruits:
if fruit != "\n":
outfile.write(fruit) #putting fruit in the output file

#closing files

And, now I am trying to write pseudocode for it. I am having trouble getting pass the first line. I don't know how to word it? And every time I try to get help from the internet, bubble sort pops up, and I don't think that's correct. I could be wrong though.. Any input would be helpful.
So far all I have before I get stuck is:

BEGIN insert both file names
READ unsorted_fruits.txt

Answer Source

This process is entirely up to your wants and needs, unless you are doing a school project with specific guidelines.

going off of what you already have:

BEGIN insert both file names
READ unsorted_fruits.txt
ASSIGN lines in unsorted_fruits to variable Fruits
TURN Fruits into a list
SORT list of Fruits
ITERATE through list items(Fruits)
IF list item(Fruits) is anything but a newline, write 
to outfile(sorted_fruits.txt)
CLOSE files
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