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ASP.NET (C#) Question

Why my javascript is calling a postback and i don't have error?

When i press on my edit button i call a webservice function and it return a list of question parameter and it's work the function return the right value for each edit button but after returning the value i have a post back and all my html input that i fill in this function they are clear again why?

JavaScript and jQuery:

$(document).ready(function () {

$('.divPreview').on("click", ".editbtn", function () {

var idQ = 0;

idQ = $(this).val();
var Did = { 'Qid': idQ };

type: "POST",
async: false,
url: "/WebService.asmx/GetQuestion",
data: JSON.stringify(Did),
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",
success: OnSuccess,
error: function (r) {
failure: function (r) {

function OnSuccess(response) {

var question = response.d;

$(".dropdown_fields").html('<select id="dplQuestionType" class="dropdown_selector"><option value="radio">Radio Button</option> <option value="checkbox">Check Box</option></select>');
$(".input_field").html('<p>Q1:<input id="txtQuestion" type="text" /></p> <p> Answer Choices:</p><div><input id="hdnC1" type="hidden" value="0" /><input id="txtC1"type="text" name="mytext[]" /><input id="cbActive1" type="checkbox" /></div><div><input id="hdnC2" type="hidden" value="0" /><input id="txtC2" type="text" name="mytext[]" /><input id="cbActive2" type="checkbox" /></div>');
$(".OtherOption").html('<input id="btnAddField" class="btnAddField" type="button" value="Add Choices"/><br>Page Number<input id="txtPageNumber" type="text" /> Question Order: <input id="txtOrder" type="text" /><br/><p><input id="cbCommonField" type="checkbox" />Add a Common Field</p><br/>Is Required<input id="cbIsRequire" type="checkbox" />Is Active<input id="cbIsActive" type="checkbox" /><br/>Hint:<textarea id="txtaHint" rows="2" cols="20"></textarea> ');
$(".ButtonField").html('<p><input id="btnSave" type="button" value="Save" onclick="GetQuestionInfo()" />&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<input id="btnCancel" class="btnCancel" type="button" value="Cancel" /></p>');
document.getElementById("btnAddQuest").style.visibility = 'hidden';

document.getElementById("txtOrder").value = question.qst_Order;
document.getElementById("txtPageNumber").value = question.qst_PageNumber;
document.getElementById("cbIsRequire").value = question.qst_Order;
document.getElementById("cbIsActive").value = question.qst_Order;
document.getElementById("txtaHint").value = question.qst_Hint;
document.getElementById("dplQuestionType").value = question.qst_Type;
document.getElementById("hdnQuestionID").value = question.qst_Id;




Answer Source

You aren't actually doing a ajax request you are simply doing a normal post request from a form, to do a ajax request prevent the default submit using e.preventDefault();

$('.divPreview').on("click", ".editbtn", function (e) {