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Unable to log in with sandbox test users on device

Trying to do some In App Purchase testing, so I created a sandbox tester on itunesconnect... but when I attempt to log in as that user on my device I get an error:

Itunes Account creation not allowed

The Apple ID cannot be used with the iTunes store at this time. Please
try again later.

If I put in the wrong password for the account I get an account rejection so its not a password typo.. this is happening for every test account I create... anyone have a clue what the hell is going on.. I cannot find any information on this anywhere.

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Yes, the answer is I AM AN IDIOT... pure and simple.

I was setting my user account in itunes login to these test accounts.. which invalidates them as test accounts because they try to legitimately log into itunes...

You have to have your ITUNES/APPstore login EMPTY do not try to log in explicitely in the settings... LOG OUT of ITUNES/APP STORE so that no account is in the apple ID in settings and then just run your program.

I had properly done this, but then without reconsulting the documentation I went to change users, and saw that I had a test user in the UI of the settings (I guess it gets set by the software) so I attempted to just set it there, and was invalidating the accounts causing this problem.

This is purely my mistake, but Apple could do a better job on the error this thing throws, and have the app store/itunes perhaps display something other than the test id, so if its been a week since or two since you set your test id and go to change it you don't just foolishly think you do it that way...

Anyway... you will likely need to delete all your sandbox testers if you did what I did as they will be invalid and then create new ones... and then remove the appstore/itunes login on your test device and try to run it....

I admit this is documented, I did follow it the first time I used a test user, but forgot the next time I wanted to test.. which lead to this... fully my fault.. but I suspect I am not, nor will I be the only one to do this... which is why its so odd I couldn't find anything else documented about this error anywhere.


(Make sure to expand the : To perform testing for In-App Purchase products section)

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