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Microsoft BotFramework for private apps

I would like to use Microsoft Bot Framework to build a chatbot for an app that I am building, and I do not want it to be working in Skype, Facebook or any other channels.

Is that possible? And are there are cost involved.

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No there is no cost for you to enable or disable any channels right now. As in the below picture, Bot Framework Developer Portal gives you the full control to add new channels or delete them from you bot.

enter image description here

Remember that if you are going to connect your bot into your own chat application, best way is to use Direct Line Rest API. So disable everything except Direct Line

For an example about how you can use Direct Line API please refer this link.

Another important thing is use bot framework V3. Not the previous versions. Because the team made some changes in new version by looking future enhancements. So those features and structure is much different from previous versions.

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