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making difflib's SequenceMatcher ignore "junk" characters

I have a lot of strings that i want to match for similarity(each string is 30 characters on average). I found

great for this task as it was simple and found the results good. But if i compare
like this

>>> sm=SequenceMatcher(lambda x:x=='-','hellboy','hell-boy')
>>> sm.ratio()
0: 0.93333333333333335

I want such words to give a 100 percent match i.e
ratio of 1.0
. I understand that the junk character specified in the function above are not used for comparison but finding longest contiguous matching subsequence. Is there some way i can make
to ignore some "junk" characters for comparison purpose

Answer Source

If you wish to do as I suggested in the comments, (removing the junk characters) the fastest method is to use str.translate().


to_compare = to_compare.translate(None, {"-"})

As shown here, this is significantly (3x) faster (and I feel nicer to read) than a regex.

Note that under Python 3.x, or if you are using Unicode under Python 2.x, this will not work as the delchars parameter is not accepted. In this case, you simply need to make a mapping to None. E.g:

translation_map = str.maketrans({"-": None})
to_compare = to_compare.translate(translation_map)

You could also have a small function to save some typing if you have a lot of characters you want to remove, just make a set and pass through:

def to_translation_map(iterable):
    return {key: None for key in iterable}
    #return dict((key, None) for key in iterable) #For old versions of Python without dict comps.
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