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rpcgen adds _svc extension

I have an exercise to create a simple

program using

I'm writing this

program REMOTE_PROG {
version MSG_RCV {
int STRLEN(string) = 1;
double SQUARE(double *) = 2;
int NUM_OF_DEV(int *) = 3;

} = 1;
} = 99;

executing with
rpcgen ex7.x
-> generates

in the
file, for some reason, it generates each function case with

case STRLEN:
xdr_argument = xdr_wrapstring;
xdr_result = xdr_int;
local = (char *(*)()) strlen_1_svc; //<--_SVC

and when I try to compile the server after implementing the functions

int * strlen_1(char **, CLIENT *);

the compiler raises that error:

"_strlen_1_svc", referenced from:
_remote_prog_1 in ex7_svc-8501b7.o
ld: symbol(s) not found for architecture x86_64

But if I'll delete that auto generated _svc extension,
local = (char *(*)()) strlen_1; //no _svc
the program will compile successfully.

Why does this happen? why does the rpcgen adds the _svc extension to the functions and am I doing something wrong when I delete the _svc?

P.S same error also for square and num_of_dev functions, gave only strlen for example.


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Answer Source

That's the convention, the _svc is short for service.

Your server needs to implement the service function, that is the strlen_1_svc function.

Your client calls the strlen_1 function. rpcgen + the RPC library does all the inbetween - it generates code for strlen_1 used by the client which will serialize the data and transfer it to the server, where an event loop dispatches the call to your code in the strlen_1_svc function.

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