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TensorFlow - Importing data from a TensorBoard TFEvent file?

I've run several training sessions with different graphs in TensorFlow. The summaries I set up show interesting results in the training and validation. Now, I'd like to take the data I've saved in the summary logs and perform some statistical analysis and in general plot and look at the summary data in different ways. Is there any existing way to easily access this data?

More specifically, is there any built in way to read a TFEvent record back into Python?

If there is no simple way to do this, TensorFlow states that all its file formats are protobuf files. From my understanding of protobufs (which is limited), I think I'd be able to extract this data if I have the TFEvent protocol specification. Is there an easy way to get ahold of this? Thank you much.

Answer Source

You can simply use:

tensorboard --inspect --event_file=myevents.out

or if you want to filter a specific subset of events of the graph:

tensorboard --inspect --event_file=myevents.out --tag=loss

If you want to create something more custom you can dig into the


to understand how to parse the event files.

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