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Mule: getting a hold of the exception message

I have a default catch exception in Mule, and I'm trying to get access to the exception message, using a Mule expression: #[exception]

This doesn't seem to work, and I'm guessing that I'm trying to access the wrong variable? I'm trying to log it using logger and also run a custom component that takes in an exception message (as a string.)


Answer Source

You can do #[exception.causedBy] like

        <catch-exception-strategy when="exception.causedBy(com.company.BusinessException)"> <!-- [1] -->
            <jms:outbound-endpoint queue="dead.letter">
                <jms:transaction action="ALWAYS_JOIN" />
        <rollback-exception-strategy when="exception.causedBy(com.company.NonBusinessException)"> <!-- [2] -->
            <logger level="ERROR" message="Payload failing: #[payload]"/>

More details here

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