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C++ Question

cdecl clarification required: what is an "array 5?"

Go here:


char (*arr)[5]


declare arr as pointer to array 5 of char

What is an "array 5"? Does this simply mean an array with 5 elements?

Answer Source

It is a pointer to an array of 5 elements.

//Standard array
char array[5];

//pointer to array
char (*arr)[5];

//Assign pointer of array to arr
arr = &array;

//Dereference arr and use it.
(*arr)[1] = 4;

Pointers and references to arrays are useful for passing arrays to functions, as well as returning them. Do not return local non-static arrays though as their life time ends on return.

To reference an array you can use this declaration: char (&arr)[5] = array;

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