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Java Question

Forbidden You don't have permission to access on searching a special character

I am supporting a java application which has a search bar which matches the keywords and gets the results from the cache.

The application runs in Tomcat and has a Apache web server too.

There is an issue while searching aaa' the special character ' is causing the problem and i get to

You don't have permission to access /xx/xx/xxxx.jsp

The search is fine in local setup with the abscence of Web Server. As i saw some posts suggesting the issue could be caused by Web server config.

What are the possibilities?

Your help is highly appreciated.

Nagaraja JB

Answer Source

The issue was not an issue it is a secutity constraint by the apache web server or FireWall rule to protect from cross site sctipting or sql injection using %27 (single quote). I used POST method instead of using GET method to send request. That is the solution for my case.

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