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ASP.NET (C#) Question

cannot expose class in c#

This may seem like a beginner question, and it kind of is since this is my first large c# project conversion. Currently converting a large project from to c#, I understand c# syntax pretty well and the conversion is going pretty smoothly. My one question is - in I could expose a class with the import statement as such:

Imports DataAccessLayer.DataAccess

and say there is a method called GetDataTable in the DataAccess class, I can just call it by using GetDataTable(params)

Now, with C#, I can only do

Using DataAccessLayer;

and can't expose the DataAccess class, just the DataAccessLayer namespace and have to do DataAccess.GetDataTable(params), which will obviously add a lot of extra code to the project if I have to do that anywhere.

Is there any way to expose the class and not just the namespace? This is my constructor

namespace DataAccessLayer
public class DataAccess

Thanks in advance!

Answer Source

If you are using C# v6 or above, you can import a static class like this:

using static Namespace.StaticClass;

So you can do the same for your class:

using static DataAccessLayer.DataAccess;
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