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how to use @types/node in node application

I am working in VSCode on Ubuntu 16.04. I've created node project using below commads:

npm init
tsc --init

I've created a new file called index.ts. I'm trying to use fs and readling to read file contents. but when I am writing below lines of code at the top of index.d.ts:

import fs = require('fs');
import readline = require('readline');

I'm getting below error:
can not find module 'fs' and can not find module 'readline'

even process is not found.
I've installed typings of node from here using below command:

sudo npm install @types/node -global --save

Can anyone please help me how to resolve this error?

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For typescript 1.8, it might be better to typings to install the node types. For detail see the quickstart at