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How to avoid no-param-reassign when setting a property on a DOM object

I have a method which's main purpose is to set a property on a DOM object

function (el) {
el.expando = {};

I use AirBnB's code style which makes ESLint throw a

error Assignment to function parameter 'el' no-param-reassign

How can I manipulate a DOM object passed as an argument while conforming AirBnB's code style?

Somebody suggested to use
/* eslint react/prop-types: 0 */
referring to another issue but if I am not mistaken this applies well for react, but not for native DOM manipulation.

Also I do not think changing the code style is an answer. I believe one of the benefits of using a standard style is having consistent code across projects and changing the rules at will feels like a misuse of a major code style like AirBnB's.

For the record, I asked AirBnB on GitHub, what they think is the way to go in these cases in issue #766.

Answer Source

As @Mathletics suggests, you can disable the rule entirely by adding this to your .eslintrc.json file:

"rules": {
  "no-param-reassign": 0

Alternatively, you could disable the rule for that function

/*eslint-disable no-param-reassign*/
function (el) {
  el.expando = {};
/*eslint-enable no-param-reassign*/

Or for that line only

function (el) {
  el.expando = {}; // eslint-disable-line no-param-reassign

You might also check out this blog post on disabling ESLint rules specifically to accommodate AirBnB's style guide.

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