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How do I create a pie chart using Bokeh?

All I'd like to do is create a pie chart. The Bokeh documentation covers a number of sophisticated charts, including a donut chart, but it doesn't seem to cover pie chart.

Is there any example of this?

Ultimately, the chart will need to be to be embedded in a webpage, so I'll need to take advantage of Bokeh's html embed capabilities.

Answer Source

An example for Bokeh 0.8.1 using the bokeh.plotting interface:

from bokeh.plotting import *
from numpy import pi

# define starts/ends for wedges from percentages of a circle
percents = [0, 0.3, 0.4, 0.6, 0.9, 1]
starts = [p*2*pi for p in percents[:-1]]
ends = [p*2*pi for p in percents[1:]]

# a color for each pie piece
colors = ["red", "green", "blue", "orange", "yellow"]

p = figure(x_range=(-1,1), y_range=(-1,1))

p.wedge(x=0, y=0, radius=1, start_angle=starts, end_angle=ends, color=colors)

# display/save everythin  

Bokeh >0.9 will correctly compute the bounding area of all glyphs, not just "pointlike" marker glyphs, and explicitly setting the ranges like this will not be required.

You can see the output (code modified to display in the IPython notebook with output_notebook) here:

enter image description here

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