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TensorFlow Custom Allocator and Accessing Data from Tensor

In TensorFlow, you can create custom allocators for various reasons (I am doing it for new hardware). Due to the structure of the device, I need to use a struct of a few elements as my data pointer which the allocator returns as a


In the kernels that I am writing, I am given access to Tensors but I need t get the pointer struct that I wrote. Examining the classes, it seemed that I could get this struct by doing



The problem is that I can't find code that does this and I am worried that it is unsafe (highly likely!) or there is a more standard way to do this.

Can someone confirm if this is a good/bad idea? And provide an alternative if such exists?

Answer Source

Four days later ...

void* GetBase(const Tensor* src) {
  return const_cast<void*>(DMAHelper::base(src));

from GPUUtils

DMAHelper::base() is a friend class method that is given the ability to use the private Tensor::base() to get at the data pointer.

The implementation shows that this is all just a wrapper around what I wanted to do after yet another abstraction. I am guessing it is a safer approach to getting the pointer and should be used instead.

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