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Python Question

Error in import M2Crypto

I need to use M2Crypto in my code. I downloaded the library as zip file from:
I unzipped the file. Inside the zipped file, I found folder named: M2Crypto, I copied it, and paste it in the same directory where my code .py file resides.

I added this line

from M2Crypto import RSA, X509

But I am getting this error:

import __m2crypto ImportError: No module named '__m2crypto'

Can you help me with the right way to import external library to pyton code? I am using windows system and I type the code using notepad++ so please, consider this in the answer.

I use python 3.4

Answer Source

To install M2Crypto in windows, download the 2 files (x64 or x86 version depends on your system) from this link: Unzip the 2 files in the C: directory. Then, type this command:

C:\Python27\Scripts>pip install --egg M2CryptoWin64

Note: In the command, I used M2CryptoWin64 because this is what I installed. You might need to change this if you downloaded the x86 version.

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