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Python Question

Python Regexp for extracting tags and words

I have the following string:

str1 = "I/TAG1 like/TAG2 red/TAG3 apples/TAG3 ./TAG4"

And I have two lists in python

tokens = []
tags = []

My desired output would be:

tokens = ['I', 'like', 'red', 'apples', '.']
tags = ['TAG1', 'TAG2', 'TAG3', 'TAG3', 'TAG4']

I am trying to use a regexp like this one:


But that extracts the words with the slash, i.e I/. How can I get the desired output, at least for tokens (get everything before the /)?

Answer Source

You can use:

>>> re.findall(r'([\w.]+)/([\w.]+)', str1)

[('I', 'TAG1'), ('like', 'TAG2'), ('red', 'TAG3'), ('apples', 'TAG3'), ('.', 'TAG4')]


>>> tags=[]
>>> vals=[]
>>> for m in re.findall(r'([\w.]+)/([\w.]+)', str1):
...     tags.append(m[0])
...     vals.append(m[1])

>>> print tags
['I', 'like', 'red', 'apples', '.']

>>> print vals
['TAG1', 'TAG2', 'TAG3', 'TAG3', 'TAG4']
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