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PHP get text between a string and another

So I have a lot of text in a text file that acts like a "database" and I need to extract a specific part that starts from a string and ends with another one.

To be more specific, some of the "database" looks like this:

i:24;s:5:"sName";s:12:"adsfasdffdfd";s:7:"iStatus";i:1;s:9:"iPosition";i:0;s:17:"sDescriptionShort";s:29:"<p>test short description</p>";s:16:"sDescriptionFull";s:28:"<p>test full description</p>";

And I need to extract the part between
having as parameter the first
, the number being the parameter.

I tried using regexp but no success until now.

Now I know it's not good practice asking for code itself but this time I'm really stuck! Any ideas?

P.S. The file contains strings like this one after another. So I need the regexp to find a
my number and return the content from the first paragraph it encounters.

So what I expect to be returned is:
<p>test short description</p>

Considering this should be the first paragraph encountered AFTER

Answer Source

So you're looking for text that comes after the literals i:24? Since none of these are special characters, let's begin our pattern construction with that literal sequence...


Next there may or may not be more characters to consume between the i:24 and the opening <p> tag. Let's assume that these characters can be anything, so we'll use a wildcard metacharacter with the {,INF} quantifier, * giving us...


We want to tame the regex engine's appetite so let's modify our quantifier by making it non-greedy.


Next we want to match AND CAPTURE an opening, <p>...


...and the content inside of the <p> tag, which we'll assume can be anything (read wildcard) and maybe nothing, {,INF}, or *.


Remember to tame our * quantifier's appetite so that it doesn't consume too many <p> tags.


And finally we'll close it off by consuming and capturing the closing </p> tag, with the escaped forward-slash, since it's a special character.


Hope this works for what you're trying to accomplish.

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