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Pug Templates - How to mark option in Dropdown list as selected

I have a Pug template that uses Bootstrap 4 as the 'layout' and receiving data from an Express/Mongoose server.

I am populating a form from MongoDB so the contents can be edited. I have been looking for ways to make a dropdown-list 'select' an option based on the value from the mongoDB document.

I have seen ways of building the dropdown-list from scratch and setting an option as 'selected', but the form is already generated and has a dropdown-list already in place. I just need to match the option with the value from the mongoDB document and set the option to display in the list.

The Pug template is as follows:

| Property Type
span.asteriskField *
.col-xs-12'addProperty', name='propertyType')
option(value='0') -- Select --
option(value='6') Home
option(value='7') Condo
option(value='10') Single Family Home
option(value='11') Town House
option(value='12') City Apartment
option(value='13') Villa

var propertyType = document.getElementById('propertyType');

for (var i = 0; i < propertyType.options.length; i++) {

if (propertyType.options[i].value = #{property.typeId}) {
propertyType.options[i].selected = 'selected';
propertyType.selectedIndex = i;


If I keep the code as listed then the actual option that gets a new value is the first one '-- Select --' which has it's value changed from '0' to '6', which is the value from the MongoDB document.

If I change the javascript to pass the value #{property.TypeId} to the 'selectedIndex' like this:

propertyType.selectedIndex = #{property.typeId};

Then the value of the index changes and the 'selected' option changes - to '6' but this then selects the 6th option of the options and not the one with the value of '6'.

Drop-downs are the only thing I can't seem to populate so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks again in advance :)

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Hope it's ok to answer my own question. I did try Mohit's approach, but it didn't work for me.

I added a 'script.' section under each input:

          var pOptions = document.getElementById('propertyType').options;
          for (i=0; i < pOptions.length; i++) {
            if (pOptions[i].value == #{property.typeId}) pOptions[i].selected = true;
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