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MySQL Get values without Foreign Key Constraints AND Compare Dates Different Tables

Say I own a costume shop or something a long those lines.

tableA holds the information for the costume.

  • barcode (fk REFERENCES tableB)

  • type (i.e. Hulk, Superman etc.)

  • hirageFee

tableB holds information relating to the hirage.

  • barcode (REFERENCES tableA)

  • hiredOn (date)

  • dueBack (date)

  • transaction no.

I am trying to write a query that will check if the costume is available to rent.

I can use the following to find all costumes that haven't been rented ever:

SELECT * FROM tableA WHERE barcode NOT IN (SELECT barcode FROM tableB)

and to check current rentals that are back in the store already:

SELECT * FROM tableB WHERE dueBack < ('enter-current-date');

But I am stuck on how to combine these queries or if that's the right approach to see/find all costumes currently in store?

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Answer Source

If you want to see what items in TableA that are not rented out you can restate the question as which items doesn't have a rented out period that the current date falls in

Expressed in SQL it would be a a query using a negated exists predicate with a correlated subquery, like this:

select * from TableA a
where not exists (
    select *
    from TableB b 
    where b.barcode = a.barcode
      and now() between hiredOn and dueBack

There are many other ways to achieve the same result, but I think this fits the semantics of the question well.

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