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label size is not changing for a gnuplot in latex

I have the following gnuplot script called inside a latex document. I want to change font size of different labels. But it is not changing the font size, is there any suggestions.

\begin{gnuplot}[terminal=cairolatex, terminaloptions = {size 8cm, 6cm}]
set yrange [0.01: 10000000000.0]
set xtics rotate by 45 right nomirror
set grid ytics
unset border
set title "(a)"
set macros
set key top horizontal center
set logscale y
set format y "$ 10^{%L} $"
set label 1 "Variation :" at 771, 680.0 center font "Bold-Times-Roman,24"
set label 2 "Variation in IPC" at 671, 7 center tc lt 1 font "Bold-Times-Roman,30"
set xlabel "Ticks" offset 0.5,0 font "Bold-Times-Roman,30"
set ylabel "Vulnerability [bit*cycle]" offset 2.5,0 font "Bold-Times-Roman,30"

#plot from file
plot '../gnudata/matlab_fft/smatlab_ipc.txt' using 1:2 title 'IPC' with line linecolor rgb "blue" lw 3


Answer Source

For latex-based terminals you should use latex commands to control fonts and font styles:

set label 1 "\\Huge This is huge and \\bf bold" at -6,0
plot sin(x)

enter image description here

For global changes you can specify options to the terminal driver, see help cairolatex.

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