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MySQL Question

How to add a word to a row in crystal Report in C#

I am doing an application in which I have to print some data using crystal report,
for the data I am using MySql.
In my database, I have a field which shows numbers of months so it is something like this:

User------- Prevision
Test------- 3 MONTHS

So, in my database my column prevision shows the number of months and what I need is to add MONTHS to the field in crystal report...
PS: I don't want to add "MONTHS" in the database but only show it in the crystal report.
I can do it in datagrid easily but in crystal report I didn't make it.
Thank you.

Answer Source

Just add concatenation in your SQL query, so it will return '3 months' instead of just '3'

something like this

select prevision + ' months ' as Test from YOUR_TABLE_NAME

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