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C++ Question

Search for an elegant and nonintrusive way to access private methods of a class

Disclaimer: This is never meant to be used in production code. It's an exploration at the edges of C++ :)

My question is a follow up, based on a discussion with @Johannes Schaub here:
calling private methods in c++.

I found a very short solution for private member access on his blog:

Here's a sample:

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

// example class
struct A {
A(int a, double b):_a(a),_b(b) { }
int _a;
double _b;
int f() { return _a; }

//Robber template: provides a legal way to access a member
template<typename Tag, typename Tag::type M>
struct Rob {
friend typename Tag::type get(Tag) {
return M;
// tag used to access A::_a
struct A_access_a
typedef int A::*type;
friend type get(A_access_a);

// Explicit instantiation; the only place where it is legal to pass the address of a private member.
template struct Rob<A_access_a, &A::_a>;

int main() {

A sut(42, 2.2);

int a = sut.*get(A_access_a());
cout << a << endl;

return 0;

I wondered if this very elegant approach can be reused to access private methods from outside of a class.

What I would like to have, is the same simple approach for a method call:

struct A_access_f
typedef int (A::*type)();
friend type get(A_access_f);
template struct Rob<A_access_f, &A::f>;

Is it possible to make it run?

This is my best attempt till now:

typedef int (A::*pf)();
pf func = sut.*get(A_access_f());

My compiler is still complaining:

prog.cpp:45:33: error: invalid use of non-static member function
pf func = sut.*get(A_access_f());

Answer Source

You were almost there. Here is what you should have written:

typedef int (A::*pf)();
const pf func = get(A_access_f());
int a = (sut.*func)();

Or as a (hard-to-digest) one-liner:

int a = (sut.*get(A_access_f()))();
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