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Deploy web project under GIT version control to shared hosting

I am developing a wordpress theme which is under version control using Git and in a local development area ( WAMP ). I push commits to bitbucket using smartgit as a GUI. I have 2 branches, master and development. I want to deploy the development branch to a staging area ( a wordpress install on my live server). I have tried using ftploy which does achieve this; however it doesn't seem to allow me to choose which branch to deploy and I want to reserve deployment of the master branch for the actual final deployment. I am using shared hosting but I have SSH access. How can I best achieve deployment of the development branch to the shared hosting. Git is not installed on the server ( and can't be )

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there is an article that suggest 8 apps for git auto-deploy

Beanstalk —

FTPloy —

Deploy —

Springloops —

Wercker —

Octopus Deploy [.net] —

Capistrano [Ruby] —

Bamboo + Phing [PHP]—

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