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Why can't OSX detect android Galaxy S for USB debugging?

I searched for similar questions on this issue but found none related to Mac OSX.


Trying to test android apps on a Galaxy S (Details below) but Mac is not detecting the device. Tried all the things below and have wondered whether this might be a driver issue (which I've heard things about for Samsung USB debugging).


1) Are samsung drivers required for android USB debugging?

2) And are they available for Mac OSX?
3) Any other reasons OSX might not detect device for usb debugging?

Things I tried:

  • Enabled USB Debugging @ Settings >> Applications >> Development >> USB Debugging

  • Enabled Tethering @ Settings >> Wireless and network >> Tethering >> USB

  • Set Tethered mode @ Settings >> USB connection >> Tethered mode

  • Attempt to detect devices via ./adb devices (from platform
    tools dir)

  • Verified that "Unknown Sources" is checked @ Settings >> Applications >> Unknown Sources

  • Verified that device is connected to Mac

  • Restarted phone

  • Restarted mac

  • Added various device / product ids to adb_usb.ini

  • Did ./android update adb (which does adb kill-server / start-server)


Samsung Galaxy S (4G) with Sprint

Mac OSX 10.6.8

Eclipse Classic 3.7.1

Answer Source

Have you tried connecting the phone using a powered USB hub? I haven't tried it yet but found this blog post that suggests it may help for Samsung Galaxy devices.

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