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Javascript Question

How to prevent reload with onclick without "#"?

I wish to put some instructions with a link - onclick calling a script that display a simple alert box. If I did like this...

<label for="arquivo">Máximo de 1MB, observe os <a href="" onclick="ajudaUpload();">tipos permitidos</a>.</label>

the page is reloaded even with a return false, and if I did like this...

<label for="arquivo">Máximo de 1MB, observe os <a href="#" onclick="ajudaUpload();">tipos permitidos</a>.</label>

with the "#" symbol, the page is scrolled to the top and "#" is added to query string. Is there a third way to do it without reloading, scrolling and garbage?

Answer Source

Return false after the call:

<a href="" onclick="ajudaUpload();return false;">tipos permitidos</a>

Or if your function returns false then you can return the result of the function:

<a href="" onclick="return ajudaUpload();">tipos permitidos</a>

It's not enough to just return false in the function, you need to actually return false from the click handler.

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