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C# Question

how to can use value from SQL-Server by C#

i got value from SQL-Server by this code in C#

SqlDataReader reader = new SqlCommand("select Top 1 Client From _ClientName group by Client order by count(*) desc", sqlCon.ShardDB).ExecuteReader();

how i can use this value again to insert it into other table ?

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First, for readability sake, try separating your code into separate lines, like so:

SQLReader reader;
SQLCommand SQLCmd = new SQLCommand();
SQLCmd.CommandText = "select Top 1 Client From _ClientName group by Client order by count(*) desc";
SQLCmd.Connection = sqlCon.SharedDB;

If I understood your comment to Sajeetharan's previous answer, you want to know how to advance to the next result if your query returns more than one. Have you tried SQLReader.Read()?


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