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Java Question

When should we use BufferedInputStream,FileInputStream or DataInputStream?

I'm confused the above mentioned classes. When to use what? From my perspective every thing that comes in, is in the form of stream in java right? so which one is to use in what case to make the input more efficient? Also answer please can I use DataInputStream or BufferedInputStream in case of reading content from files?

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Short and simple:


Is used for reading from files.


Is used for reading in primitive Java types (that you might have written using a DataOutputStream) and provides convenience methods for that purpose, e.g. writeInt().

See the JavaDoc:

A data input stream lets an application read primitive Java data types from an underlying input stream in a machine-independent way.


Is used to do buffered block reads from an InputStream (instead of single bytes) and increases performance if reading small chunks of data. Most of the time you want to use it for text processing.

Of course you can combine those.

Example of writing primitive Java types to a file:

FileOutputStream write = new FileOutputStream 
DataOutputStream out = new DataOutputStream(write);
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