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Basic associative arrays in php. How to fill them

First of all, I'm sorry if this is too easy for many of you... I'm learning as much as I can.

I want to create an array with customers, like:

$customers=["customer A", "customer B", "customer C"];

Then, I want to create an array with some characteristics for every customer in that array. The characteristics are 'City', 'Points' and 'Results'. Each customer has a name (string), not a number.

I would need to change (or update) a characteristic ('points') of all customers of the array when needed with PHP. Something like:

for each $customer in $customers {

I would like to also update the info of only one customer, something like:

$points['Customer C']=$points['Customer B']+3;

Finally, I need to access the characteristics of a give Customer, like:

$i=$points['Customer A']+$result['Customer A'];

I know this is not correct, but how should I proceed in PHP?

How could I eliminate a Customer from the array $Customers (with all its characteristics)? And how could I add a new Customer to $Customers?

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.


As your question states, assoc array:

$customers = [
    'customerA' => [
        'points' => 100,
        'city' => 'New York',
        'results' => 40,
    'customerB' => [
        'points' => 75,
        'city' => 'Amsterdam',
        'results' => 10,
    'customerC' => [
        'points' => 25,
        'city' => 'London',
        'results' => 5,

// Remove customer C

// add customer D
$customers['customerD'] = [
    'points' => 50,
    'city' => 'Berlin',
    'results' => 5,

// Update points of customer
$customers['customerA']['points'] += 2; // Adds 2 points
// Update points of customer by another customers points
$customers['customerB']['points'] = $customers['customerA']['points'] + 3;

// Add 2 points to each customer
foreach ($customers as $name => $properties) {
    $properties['points'] += 2;
    $customers[$name] = $properties; 

The key within the customers array is the name of your customer and all the properties are within the value of that key.