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Java Question

Force the user to add only Hebrew letters

How can I make a

accept only Hebrew letters with if statement?
I can do a long if statement with all the Hebrew letters but it will not look good.

I found out that the Unicode of Hebrew first letter is
and last one is

How can I say that if the gettext is in between these 2 letters so show (meaning to check if the text entered is only a Hebrew letter), the user will add only one letter in each textfield.

Thank you in advance


Since you are using JTextField and this class inherits getText() method which returns a String. So, this is how I will probably do it.

String name = jTextField.getText();
char[] charArray = name.toCharArray();
for (char c : charArray) {
    if (!(c <= 0x05ea && c >= 0x05d0)) {

This can become more efficient, if you keep the counter of elements added/removed, you only will have to check the latest entered character (in case of removal you probably won't need that but that scenario will need more coding, so I hope you will figure that out once you solves this issue).


This is what I have tried:

        String name      = "אבגa";
        char[] charArray = name.toCharArray();
        for (char c : charArray) {
            if (c <= 0x05ea && c >= 0x05d0) {
                System.out.println("Valid hebrew");

And this prints Valid hebrew three times.