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Java Question

Force the user to add only Hebrew letters

How can I make a

accept only Hebrew letters with if statement?
I can do a long if statement with all the Hebrew letters but it will not look good.

I found out that the Unicode of Hebrew first letter is
and last one is

How can I say that if the gettext is in between these 2 letters so show (meaning to check if the text entered is only a Hebrew letter), the user will add only one letter in each textfield.

Thank you in advance

Answer Source

Since you are using JTextField and this class inherits getText() method which returns a String. So, this is how I will probably do it.

String name = jTextField.getText();
char[] charArray = name.toCharArray();
for (char c : charArray) {
    if (!(c <= 0x05ea && c >= 0x05d0)) {

This can become more efficient, if you keep the counter of elements added/removed, you only will have to check the latest entered character (in case of removal you probably won't need that but that scenario will need more coding, so I hope you will figure that out once you solves this issue).


This is what I have tried:

        String name      = "אבגa";
        char[] charArray = name.toCharArray();
        for (char c : charArray) {
            if (c <= 0x05ea && c >= 0x05d0) {
                System.out.println("Valid hebrew");

And this prints Valid hebrew three times.

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