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Python Question

Numpy.where() with an array in its conditional

I don't know how to describe this well so I'll just show it.

How do I do this...

for iy in random_y:
print(x[np.where(y == iy)], iy)

X y
[ 0.5] : 0.247403959255
[ 2.] : 0.841470984808
[ 49.5]: -0.373464754784

without for loops and I get a solution as a single array like when you use
. Since you know, this is Python B)

NOTE: The reason why I want to do this is because I have a random subset of the Y values and I want to find the corresponding X values.

Answer Source

If you are looking for exact matches, you can simply use np.in1d as this is a perfect scenario for its usage, like so -

first_output = x[np.in1d(y,random_y)]
second_output = random_y[np.in1d(random_y,y)

If you are dealing with floating-point numbers, you might want to use some tolerance factor into the comparisons. So, for such cases, you can use NumPy broadcasting and then use np.where, like so -

tol = 1e-5 # Edit this to change tolerance
R,C = np.where(np.abs(random_y[:,None] - y)<=tol)

first_output = x[C]
second_output = random_y[R]
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