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Javascript Question

JavascriptObject to string gwt

I have become a great fan of the JavaScriptOverlayTypes.

so lets say, I have the followin JSON object:

"product": {
"name": "Widget",
{ "minQty": 1, "price": 12.49 }

So I write my class for products and one for prices. Now if somethings wents wrong when analysing the "price JavascriptObject", I want to print it as the following:

{ "minQty": 1, "price": 12.49 }

but I havent found a possibilty yet to confert the "price JavascriptObject" backt to a string.

Is there a possibilty to do this?


Answer Source

new JSONObject(priceJso).toString()

Beware of performance thugh, as it'll create a JSONValue object for each property of the object (and recursively of course), and I'm not sure the GWT compiler is able to optimize things much.
In your case, as an "error path", it should be OK though.

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