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how to get a constant in java with class

basically I need to get a constant for a class however I have no instance of the object but only its class.
In PHP I would do


Is there a similar way of retrieving a constant in JAVA?

I need it to facilitate a dynamic getMethod call

Class parameterType = Class.forName(class_name);
object.setProperty(field name, field value, parameterType);

the set property method would then get the correct method and set the specified property, however I cant get a method which has int as parameter type without using Interger.TYPE

Answer Source

I am not sure what you want to get out. But it shouldn't be too difficult to show you an example.

Lets say you have a Class Foo with property bar.

Class Foo {
    private final String bar = "test";
    public String getBar() {return bar;}

Now to get this through reflection you would:

Class fooClass = Foo.class;
Object fooObj = fooClass.newInstance();
Method fooMethod = fooClass.getMethod("getBar");
String bar = (String) fooMethod.invoke(fooObj);

Now you will get value of method getBar() in bar variable

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