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Textbox hidden below keyboard in Android webview

I have created a simple iPhone/Android app, containing a normal webview. This webview calls my website.

On my website there are several forms with input type=text or textarea. I have a problem with those when they are at the bottom of the page!

1) In my iPhone app, the keyboard will automatically appear and push the textbox to the visible area of the phone screen. So there is nothing to do.

2) But in my Android app the textbox will stay at the same place and is eventually hidden by my keyboard. So the only option users have is to type "blind".

How can I fix this? Did anyone else meet this problem?

Answer Source

This is how I solved the problem. As Venky said, you have to add


to your tag in the AndroidManifest.xml file. But in our case, it wasn't enough. Make sure you do this as well with your views, webviews etc. Then we finally made it work.

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