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C# Question

What is the best way to return error message from function?

If face a logic error error such

(Expired user, invalid ID)
, then what is the best way to tell the parent method of this error from the following :

1- Throwing customized exception like the following :

//if (ID doesn't match) then
Throw new CustomException(-1,"ID doesn't match");
catch(CustomException ex)
throw ex
catch(Exception ex)
throw new CustomException(ex.ErrorCode,ex.message);

2- return error message and code like :

//if (ID doesn't match) then
This.ErrorCode= -1;
This.Message= "ID doesn't match";

Answer Source

The better way is to throw custom exception. That's why they were introduced. If you need to provide specific info, like ErrorCode or something else, you could easily extend base Exception class to do so. Main reasons are:

  • You can ignore invalid error code returned from your funcion and this could lead you to the situation where your system state is corrupted whereas Exception is something you can't ignore.
  • If your funcion does something usable then it should return some data you interested in and not the error codes, this gives you more solid design.
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